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Est Creativity Rising

Deutsche Qualität with a French touch

Who we are

Est Creativity Rising is a communication agency and a creative graphic studio, which delivers "Deutsche Qualität with a French Touch".

This is what we do: We help our clients develop branding, we create images, animation, videos, interactive tools, websites and we fuel our clients projects with creativity. Our clients include Dow, Adecco and Dom Pérignon.


Stéphane Creative director – Owner "don't touch!"

Ralf Creative director – Owner "a touch of genius"

Florian Senior art director – Motion & 3D "seriously touched"

Bruno Senior art director – Graphic charts "Touch on every kind of stuff"

William Junior art director – Motion & 3D "Multi-touch"

Ke Project manager "New touch"

Daniel Community manager "Magic touch"

Gaspard Web designer "Geek Touch"

How we work

We use our skills and capacities to elaborate measure-made solutions to our clients problems. There are a lot of skills, but the first one is the capacity to listen. Yes we have ears. And a brain. We always put a creative idea in the center of the process, but if we do not fully understand our client’s needs, where could this possibly lead us ? Certainly not to success and efficiency ! If we get this deeper understanding of what one wants to achieve, then we straightly nail it ! Often with a sympathetic touch of genius ...


EST Creativity Rising
13 rue Greneta
75003 Paris
phone: +33 (0) 1 47 03 03 33
e-mail: contact (at) estcreativity • com

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